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The Goal Of The Pro-Life Movement

In Abortion on May 30, 2011 at 12:00 am

End Goals

“I would say that the first point or the first principle in the movement [i.e., the nonviolent civil rights movement of the 1960’s] is the idea that means must be as pure as the end. This movement is based on the philosophy that ends and means must cohere.” — (Martin Luther King Jr.)  [1]

End-Goals describe exactly what we want. End-Goals are few, End Goalsmeans-goals are many. In top-down strategies an overview of “end-goals” are formulated while “means-goals” are identified but not detailed. Over time “means-goals” are refined in greater detail until paths to the “end-goals” present themselves. In management theory, top-down models often employ the assistance of means-goals. In theory flexible means-goals make it easier to reach end-goals. However, means-goals often fail to clearly illuminate the path to end-goals because in the heat of the battle, means-goals can easily be confused with end-goals.

Means Goals

Now this has been one of the long struggles in history, the whole idea of means and ends. Great philosophers have grappled with it, and sometimes they have emerged with the idea, from Machiavelli on down, that the end justifies the means. There is a great system of thought in our world today, known as Communism. And I think that with all of the weaknesses and tragedies of Communism, we find its greatest tragedy right here, that it goes under the philosophy that the end justifies the means that are used in the process. So we can read or we can hear the Lenins say that lying, deceit, or violence, that many of these things justify the ends of the classless society.” — (Martin Luther King Jr.)  [2]

Means-goals, on the other hand, define one of many paths to reach your end-goals. Mean GoalsMeans-goals are many, end-goals are few. Means-goals are often linked together to form end-goals. In bottom-up strategies means-goals are first formulated and then defined in great detail. In management theory, bottom-up models often start small but eventually grow in complexity and completeness. In theory end-goals can define and justify means-goals. However, end-goals often fail to be achieved because they are developed in isolation and become subject to means-goals3

End Goals vs. Means Goals

“This is where the student movement and the non-violent movement that is taking place in our nation would break with Communism and any other system that would argue that the end justifies the means. For in the long run, we must see that the end represents the means in process and the ideal in the making. In other words, we cannot believe, or we cannot go with the idea that the end justifies the means because the end is pre-existent in the means.” — (Martin Luther King Jr.)  [4]

The end-goal of the Pro-Life movement is to end abortion. End/Means GoalsRaising funds, accumulating votes and building political equity in an effort to end abortion are examples of means-goals. However, focusing on means-goals at the expense of losing sight of the end-goal is a trap and will not end abortion. Moreover, ending abortion at all costs and allowing the end-goal to justify means-goals will not end abortion. So as a movement, let’s redefine our end-goal in the light of God’s Holy Word. 5

The Goal Of The Pro-Life Movement

“So the idea of non-violent resistance, the philosophy of non-violent resistance, is the philosophy which says that the means must be as pure as the end, that in the long run of history, immoral destructive means cannot bring about moral and constructive ends.” — (Martin Luther King Jr.)  [6]

I Am Submitting The Following For Consideration

"The end-goal of the Pro-Life movement is to end abortion End Abortion Goalsin a way that brings glory to Christ so that the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of women and children are met and every life, from the beginning of our biological development, regardless of the means by which we were procreated, method of reproduction, age, race, sex, gender, physical well-being, function, or condition of physical or mental dependency and/or disability, without apology and without exception, is protected by love and by law."

This goal cannot be compromised and still achieved.

Brothers, we really need to talk.

1. “Love, Law, and Civil Disobedience“, Address to annual meeting of Fellowship of the Concerned, 16 November 1961. Reprinted in A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speechs of Martin Luther King, Jr., Ed. James Melvin Washington, HarperSanFrancisco, 1986, page 45.
2. Ibid.
3. “… if a man also strive for masteries, yet is he not crowned, except he strive lawfully.” — (2nd Timothy 2:5, KJV)
4. “Love, Law, and Civil Disobedience“, op. cit., page 45.
5. “Then God said, Let Us make humans in Our image, in Our likeness. Let them rule the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, the domestic animals all over the earth, and all the animals that crawl on the earth. So God created humans in His image. In the image of God He created them. He created them male and female.” — (Genesis 1:26,27, GodsWord)
6. “Love, Law, and Civil Disobedience“, op. cit., page 45.


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