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How Long Can We Last?

In Abortion on January 3, 2011 at 12:00 am

59.3% Of All Abortions In The USA

According to the CDC Table 100, reporting on “ABORTIONS BY SELECTED CHARACTERISTICS: 1990 TO 2005”, 37.5% of BLACK WOMEN and 21.8% of LATINO WOMEN had abortions in 2005. In other words, 59.3% Of All Abortions In The United States Of America in The Year Of Our Lord 2005, came from just two (2) minority neighborhoods. Here is the link (

1,000 Black Women | 493 Black Abortions

According to the CDC Table 100, reporting on “ABORTIONS BY SELECTED CHARACTERISTICS: 1990 TO 2005” (, if you had 1,000 BLACK WOMEN (15 to 44 years of age), IN YOUR PEWS, 493 of them HAD ABORTIONS in 2005. Please note that for 2005 the CDC data legally DID NOT include data from CALIFORNIA, NEW HAMPSHIRE, LOUISIANA, the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (DC), and NEW YORK CITY (NYC).

A 715,000 Abortion Coincidence

According to the CDC (, of the 1.206 MILLION ABORTIONS in 2005, BLACK AMERICA accounted for 452,000 ABORTIONS and LATINO AMERICA accounted for 263,000 ABORTIONS. Together the two largest minority communities accounted for 715,000 ABORTIONS out of the 1.206 MILLION ABORTIONS in the USA. I wonder, how could this possibly be an occurrence of mere chance? Or could it possibly be true that the U.S. taxpayer funded abortion industry targets minorities? Hmmmm … I’m now wondering, at this rate, how long can we last? Please help me end abortion now.

Brothers, we really need to talk.

  1. I’d like to share some some of my latest thoughts on this topic.


    I am tired of hearing the pro-abortion argument that an increase in contraception leads to a decrease in abortions. Few Christians realize that up until 1930 birth control was considered a serious sin by EVERY Christian denomination. Then one by one ( starting with The Church of England at the Lambeth Conference) the Protestant Churches caved in. This movement to liberalize contraception was led by Margaret Sanger – who started Planned Parenthood (initially called the “American Birth Control League”.) The question arises – by what authority can any church declare that what was a sin yesterday is no longer a sin today? It is contraception that has significantly contributed to widespread unmarried sex, unwanted pregnancies and widespread abortions.

    Some time in the future, people will look back at this period of legal killing of innocent human beings as the darkest time in human history. 53 million killed legally since 1973! Shame on anyone who just sits there and looks the other way!

    Over 30 per cent of all abortions are on black babies, even though African Americans only comprise 12 per cent of the population. Most of Planned Parenthood’s death chambers are in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods. Some Black pastors – like Rev Hoye in Oakland, CA – see
    are trying to alert his fellow pastors that black genocide is rampant through these abortions. He cites statistics that show that in FOUR DAYS, more black babies are killed through abortions than the number of negros who were killed by lynchings by the Ku Klux Klan in over 100 years! It is clear that Margaret Sanger – the founder of Planned Parenthood was closely aligned with the Eugenic movement that had goals of reducing the numbers of Blacks and other minorities ( )

    Abortion is the most serious evil of our day – not just some political issue. The key is to stimulate the pastors of Protestant and Catholic churches to make this topic a top agenda item. For many – it is a low to moderate priority topic – and for some – not even on their radar screen. At the Martin Luther King Day Rally at Acacia Park in Colorado Springs on Monday, Rev Hoye said that many pastors are very reluctant to make abortion a high-priority topic for several reasons: (1) Many of these pastors have experienced deep pain due to abortion first hand because family members or close friends and associates have had abortions. In a sense these pastors are “post abortive”. (2) Many pastors compromise their values because if they emphasize the evils of abortion too much, they may alienate many in their congregation and lose their jobs. (3) Some pastors see abortion primarily as a political “issue”, and are distrustful of the motives of pro-lifers ( e.g., that their primary motive may be to diminish the democratic party influence). (4) Some pastors are simply ignorant about abortion. They know very little about the details of what exactly it is, and the magnitude of the problems associated with it. Rev Hoye emphasized that pro-lifers will be unsuccessful in convincing these pastors to change their attitudes toward abortion unless the pro-lifers are sensitive to these reasons.

    Thank you for listening,

    Jerry Klazura

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