Walter Hoye

Absolute Transparency

In Abortion on November 29, 2010 at 3:07 am

Absolute Truth

Absolute truth is defined as inflexible reality: fixed, invariable, unalterable facts. For example, it is a fixed, invariable, unalterable fact that there are absolutely no square circles and there are absolutely no round squares. While absolute truth is a logical necessity, atheistic humanists argue against the existence of absolute truth. Humanistic exclusion of God necessitates moral relativism. For example, Humanist John Dewey (1859-1952), co-author and signer of the Humanist Manifesto 1 (1933), declared, “There is no God and there is no soul. Hence, there are no needs for the props of traditional religion. With dogma and creed excluded, then immutable truth is also dead and buried. There is no room for fixed, natural law or moral absolutes.” (John Dewey, “soul-searching,” Teacher Magazine, September 1933, Page 33.)

Absolute Abortion

According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute (AGI), abortion is a common experience. At current rates, about one in three American women will have had an abortion by the time she reaches age 45. Statistically, a broad cross section of women have abortions. 57% of women having abortions are in their 20s; 60% have one or more children; 86% are unmarried; 57% are economically disadvantaged; 88% live in a metropolitan area; 78% report a religious affiliation; 41% of women obtaining abortions are white non-Hispanic; 32% are black non-Hispanic; 20% are Hispanic and 7% are of other racial backgrounds; 17.3% of all abortions in the United States are performed in California.

Absolute Transparency

In mathematics a statement is transparent when all that matters is what the statement asserts. Thus “the only thing that matters about a statement is its value” (“Referential Transparency”, M. Caldwell and E. Scattergut: Principia Skifflea; Volume 3, Cambridge, England 1936). The famous economist, Ludwig von Mises, put it this way; “the only thing that matters about a statement is whether or not it’s true.” According to AGI, it is true, transparent and of great value that abortion is a common experience. What appears to be absolutely true, transparent and of value to me, from my experience in the abortion battle, is that we must do more for women and children. In my opinion, the Body of Christ has failed to live up to the biblical mandate (James 1:27; Job 31:17,18; Isaiah 1:17,23) of caring for women and children while remaining uncorrupted by the world around her (2nd Peter 3:14).

Brothers, we really need to talk.


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