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Autism, Aborted Fetal DNA and Vaccines

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Autism, Aborted Fetal DNA and Vaccines

The evidence is strong that the following are risk factors for Autism:

  1. Increased Parental Age At Delivery Of Newborn Baby

  2. Increased Odds Of An Extremely Preterm Birth (<28 Weeks Gestation)

  3. Increased Maternal Smoking

  4. Increased Parental Psychiatric Disorders

  5. Increased Maternal Alcoholism

There is also an ongoing study on the link between aborted fetal DNA in vaccines and autism. Read the press release from Children of God for Life and the links to Dr Deisher of AVM Biotechnology and their non-profit arm, Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute ( Coming studies should address the link between Autism and Abortion more thoroughly.

Do Black Americans Have Higher Autism Risk?

Most studies are too small to even bother asking if parental race affects Autism risk. However, studies using California subjects can address that question. For example, a 2002 study using California subjects found that Black California women have 1.6 times (i.e., 60% higher) the risk of delivering a newborn later diagnosed with Autism. Reference: Lisa A. Croen, Judith K. Grether, and Selvin “Descriptive Epidemiology of Autism in a California Population: Who Is at Risk?” Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 2002 Volume 32 (Issue No. 3) pages 217-224. Thus, one can say that there are studies supporting higher Autism risk for Black American newborn babies relative to non-Black American newborn babies.

Black American Newborns

According to Dr. Catherine Limperopoulos, BSc (OT), MSc, PhD Rehabilitation Science (McGill) Postdoctoral Studies Neurology (Harvard), extremely preterm newborns have a ~~ 25% risk of Autism. Since Black American newborns have four (4) times the XPB (eXtremely Preterm Birth) risk as non-Black Americans, I have to suspect that at some point we (i.e., the Black race) will be considered an Autism risk. Personally, I wonder if this is virtually all due to the quadruple Induced Abortion (IA) rate of Black Americans?

Brothers, we really need to talk.


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