Walter Hoye

The Cure

In Abortion on May 31, 2010 at 12:01 am

The Cure

Years ago, we were assured that abortion was a cure for child abuse, domestic violence, poverty, divorce, and almost every other social problem we’ve ever had. Somehow, killing our babies was going to set us free and guarantee our equality. Somehow legalizing the termination of a child’s life inside the womb of his or her mother promised women freedom, independence, empowerment and a sense of security. I cannot help but wonder how many children have to be dismembered in the wombs of their mothers before this plan starts working?

The Facts Are In Now

According to the National Vital Statistics Reports: Volume 58, No. 4, released October 14th, 2009, Black America experienced 1,217,000 pregnancies, 587,000 live births and 452,000 abortions in 2005. If we do the math, we learn that for every 100 live births in Black America there were another 77 Black babies whose lives were legally ended in a conveniently located abortion clinic in our neighborhood. If we continue and exclude pregnancies that did not end in either births or abortions, we learn that out of every 177 pregnancies in my community 44% of our pregnancies end in abortion. So brothers, tell me, after almost 40 years of legalized, taxpayer-funded abortion, are we as a people experiencing a greater degree of equality? Are we as a people now more independent and empowered?

Accepting Abortion Is A Form Of Racial Suicide

The facts are in now. The acceptance of abortion by Black Americans is a form of racial suicide. During the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s Black American’s were willing to be hosed down by Fire Departments, bitten by dogs, beaten by Police Officers, unjustly incarcerated, financially ruined and lynched by racist white folk to secure access to water fountains, restrooms, classrooms and seats in the front of the bus. I believe if Black America clearly understood the impact of abortion she would do more for her posterity than she did for the right to use a urinal.

Brothers, we really need to talk.


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